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We take great pride in our students’ examination results, which are consistently above the national average.

Recent university destinations for our international students include:


Cambridge | London School of Economics | Imperial College | UCL | Warwick | Durham | Bath | Exeter | Bristol | Queen Mary | King’s College London | Surrey | Kent | Central St. Martins | London College of Fashion | Royal Academy of Music | Royal College of Music


The University of Hong Kong | The Hong Kong Polytechnic University | University of Toronto | University of Melbourne | The Chinese University of Hong Kong | The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology | Flinders University of Tokyo | Osaka University, Kyoto University


Alex Appoloni

“I decided to study at East Sussex College because of the great choice of subjects that the college offers to the students.

I also love the location of Lewes as it is close to London. The college has great facilities such as a library and a self-study centre. I get on very well with my host family and my housemates from Italy and Hungary.

My ambition is to be a pilot and East Sussex College has helped me greatly improve my English and knowledge of academic subjects such as Maths and Science.”

Studied Pre A-Level


Valeria Calko

“I chose East Sussex College as I want to study medicine at a UK university. Lewes is a very pretty town and a peaceful place to study. I like meeting people from other countries and comparing the UK system of studying with my own country. I have also enjoyed speaking to my host family in the evenings which has greatly helped my English improve.”

Studied A Levels


Laszlo Pogacsas

“I am studying on the English Language Plus course for a year. I have found the teaching to have been of a very high quality and mywritten English has improved greatly in particular.

My host family have been very kind and friendly and we speak every night about the events of the day.

Next year I may come back to the college to study A Levels.”

Studied English Language Plus

South Korea

Eun Hoo Lee

“I studied on the English Language Plus course. The facilities at East Sussex College are outstanding and the staff are very friendly. During my year studying English, I’ve learned a lot about England and cultural diversity as well. It has been a life changing experience for me studying in England and I highly recommend this college for studying abroad programmes”

Studied English Language Plus


Sachi Tanaki

“I like Lewes as it is a very pretty and safe town and the local people are very kind. I studied English Language Plus and we had a lot of discussions during the classes which I enjoyed. The teachers at East Sussex College are very kind and it feels like a family. We have many events like international picnics and tea parties where we can make friends with each other. I wish to return to University in Japan and I hope to use my English in my future work.”

Studied English Language Plus


Chiara Tomasoni

“I studied on the International Study Year programme. What I like about Lewes as a town is that everything is in reach and you can walk everywhere. Also the people are very friendly and open-minded. You can get to know British students on the International Study Year and make friends and understand British culture. You learn to think for yourself on the course rather than memorising by heart. In the future I would like to be a freelance journalist and I think the International Study Year has given me an invaluable international experience and will help me achieve my goal.”

Studied International Study Year Programme


Gerardo Sebastian Pelaez Becerra

“I studied English Language Plus and my classes were very dynamic and you get to express your own opinions. The teachers are very caring and the classrooms are modern and clean. Lewes as a town has a family atmosphere and everything is close by. In the future I would like to study Civil Engineering in Ecuador and then go to the USA or the UK to do a Masters. Studying at East Sussex College has helped me build in confidence and develop my knowledge to achieve this dream.”

Studied English Language Plus


Rebeka Gajdosik

“I really like Lewes, because it has a homely atmosphere. This town is peaceful and pretty quiet, a perfect place for studying. East Sussex College is very welcoming and the teachers are helpful and patient. They are motivating us for learning. I studied A Level Business, Mathematics and Economics. My courses were really enjoyable and interesting. I want to go to University to study economics and become an entrepreneur, so my lessons helped me with achieving my goals for the future.”

Studied A Levels


Ines Reig Llorens

“Lewes is a very friendly small town with really good transport links to Brighton which is close by. The teachers are very motivated and I enjoy the method of teaching with lots of discussions to practice what you have learned. There are many social activities like archery, yoga and Zumba classes where you have the chance to socialise with British students. I plan to study a Masters taught in English and my English course is preparing me very well for that.”


Oscar Andres Munos Yissi

“I studied on the English Language Plus course. Lewes is a really safe and quiet town and all the people there are very friendly. I like the fact that people with disabilities are well looked-after and there are good facilities for them. In the English classes you get the chance to participate a lot and express your opinions. I work in a bank in Chile and English will help me in my work but also with the charitable work I do on behalf of children.”

Studied English Language Plus