College Enrichment Activities

Participate in a wide range of activities that will support your learning, enabling you to learn new skills, make new friends and learn many new skills which can enhance your Curriculum Vitae (CV) for both university and job applications.

We offer exclusively for international students an exciting range of social activities to complement your studies:

This will consist of the following:

  • Fun activities such as quizzes and film afternoons (currently Eastbourne only)
  • Guided trips to local places of interest such as Seven Sisters beauty spot, Cambridge and Thorpe Park (all three campuses)

Please click on the video below for students' comments on the social activity programme at the college.

We will inform the students if there is a cost involved with any of the off campus activities.

There will also be available activities in the main part of the college and off-campus.

Click on this link for details

  • All activities below are available during term-time only from the beginning of September until the end of June. At Lewes during July,Wednesday and Saturday excursions are still available.

Sport at East Sussex College

Each campus is equipped with a range of sporting amenities and there are leisure centres, swimming pools, gyms and athletics training facilities located on or near each campus. You could participate in the following sporting activities on campus or in the local area (there may be a charge for these facilities and we have listed below current charges at the leisure centres next to or in all three campuses to give you an idea):

  • Badminton (£11.50 an hour at Lewes leisure centre and free at the Hastings campus)
  • Basketball (Force Basketball Club Falmer near Brighton over 16s £6 a session)
  • Football (please click here for Men's football academies -Lewes & Hastings - which is run in partnership with Skiltek Sport.
  • Women's Football (Lewes and Hastings) please click here.
  • Gym (£5.55 per session pay as you go or £27.55 per month membership at Lewes. Please click here for details of the gym at the Hastings campus)
  • Hockey (Lewes Hockey Club £140 a year)
  • Netball (please click here for details of the Women's Netball Academy at Hastings)
  • Rugby (please click here for details of Men's Rugby Academy at Lewes)
  • Swimming (Wave Leisure Centre Lewes £3.40 student swim, Summerfield Leisure Centre Hastings £4.30 adult swim)
  • Table Tennis (Free tables at Lewes and Hastings campuses)
  • Tennis (please click here for details of tennis near Lewes campus and here for details of tennis at Hastings)

Other activities on and off campus

All activities below are free of charge unless specifically stated:

  • Orchestra and choir at Lewes
  • Day trips to cultural and tourist destinations such as Thorpe Park (£50) and Cambridge (£25) - all three campuses
  • Student Union
  • Town tours
  • Please consult our main college website for part-time leisure classes available at all three campues.