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It is very important that you feel happy and safe in your accommodation. For this reason East Sussex College has three accommodation offices located on each of our campuses. All homestay accommodation is monitored by our dedicated Accommodation and Welfare staff in accordance with the standards set out in the British Council Accreditation Scheme.



Homestay accommodation is ideal for you if you wish to live with a resident host who will provide you with meals on a half-board basis. You will have many opportunities to practice conversational English with your host, as well as enjoying home comforts. You will eat with your host and share common living areas with them. Hosts will make you feel welcome and part of their household.

Under the British Council Accreditation Scheme guidelines no more than four students (or paying guests) may be accommodated with a homestay provider (whether placed by the provider or another organisation). Normally students will have their own private bedroom and we will let you know if you have to share. For students taking short stay and summer group programmes at our Eastbourne or Hastings campus, there will be a maximum of two students sharing a bedroom unless we are advised in writing in advance.

UPDATE:Please note that under current cicumstances, following Government coronavirus regulations, we are only permitted to place one student per household under the "two household rule". After two weeks, that student becomes part of one household and we can then place a second student with a homestay provider.

Your bedding and towels will be provided by the host and changed once a week. Your laundry will also be done once a week.

We have homestay accommodation available at all three campuses.

Students at our Lewes campus will not generally need to use public transport to get to college and their host families will be no more than a maximum of 25-30 minutes walk. They will travel between homestay and school unsupervised. Their host will show them how to reach East Sussex College on their first day.

Students will generally require a bus pass to reach the college. These can be purchased from the bus driver for £16 a week and a number of buses stop near the college. . Parents should ensure that their child has enough money for public transport.


Students are generally within ten minutes walking distance from the college but may require a bus pass to reach the college. These can be purchased from the bus driver for £16 a week and a number of buses stop right outside the college. Parents should ensure that their child has enough money for public transport.


Independent homestay accommodation covers both half-board and self-catering accommodation. On a half-board basis independent homestay accommodation allows five or more students to live with a resident host. On a self-catering basis independent homestay accommodation may include one or more students living with a resident host.

All homestay and independent homestay accommodation in Lewes is within thirty minutes walking distance from college as Lewes is a small town.

Eastbourne and Hastings are larger towns than Lewes but have a regular bus service to the college and any bus journey from homestay and independent homestay accommodation in Eastbourne or Hastings should take no more than ten minutes.


Your accommodation will include:

  • A private bedroom with access to a quiet study area
  • Laundry facilities provided at least once a week
  • Household bills (excluding telephone)
  • If you live with a resident host on a half-board basis you will receive breakfast and an evening meal on weekdays, and breakfast, a small lunch and dinner at weekends
  • If you live with a resident host on a self-catering basis you will have access to cooking and food storage facilities


We want you to have an enriching experience whilst studying with us and living in the UK. The following guidance will help you settle into your homestay accommodation, as well as ensuring you adapt to life in your new home:

  • Be polite and considerate to the host provider respecting the rules of the household especially with regard to smoking, the playing of loud music and returning home at reasonable hours
  • Respect the host provider’s property and pay for any damage you cause, accidental or otherwise
  • Be responsible for the insurance of your personal property
  • Ask permission to use the telephone, pay for all calls made and understand that access to the internet is at the discretion of the host provider and may be charged and/or time-limited
  • Be prepared to discuss any concerns regarding the accommodation with the host provider and/or the accommodation tea
  • Seek the permission of the host provider before inviting friends/guests to the host accommodation
  • Adhere to the conditions set out on the parental consent form if you are under 18 years of age
  • Be prepared to give two weeks’ notice to the host provider and accommodation team if you wish to leave